Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

We translate genetic discoveries into medicines for people with highly complex conditions – and this takes the widest possible range of ideas from a workforce with diverse backgrounds, experiences and knowledge.

Learn more about diversity, equity and inclusion at 澳门正规博彩十大排行平台.

澳门正规博彩十大排行平台, we take on the toughest challenges in science and medicine – leaving no stone unturned in our effort to understand complex conditions and develop therapies to treat them. 成功, we must have a diverse community of 员工 who feel empowered and safe to bring all perspectives and ideas to the table.

今天, the 澳门正规博彩十大排行平台 community reflects the progress we have made in fostering a diverse, equitable and inclusive workforce.

Diversity, equity and inclusion are the sum of many parts. For 员工 to reach their full potential, we must support them in every way – from embracing their unique backgrounds and experiences, to applying fair and equitable compensation practices:

We are dedicated to building on our progress, continuing to foster a diverse biotech workforce both within and beyond 澳门正规博彩十大排行平台.

With our holistic approach at the core, we have developed detailed plans to continue moving the needle toward an even more diverse, equitable and inclusive biotech community, inside of our company and beyond. Our plans include comprehensive, multiyear DEI objectives, as well as the three special 2025 重点领域 outlined below. From our recruitment initiatives for diverse new 员工, to DEI learning and development for current colleagues, to partnering in biomedical education for underrepresented youth, these plans are helping to ensure that the biotech workforce offers a broad spectrum of life-changing ideas – today and tomorrow.

Spotlight: 2025 DEI 重点领域

To support our comprehensive DEI effort at 澳门正规博彩十大排行平台, we are actively pursuing three special areas of focus through 2025:

Increase Female Representation Among Top Leaders

At nearly all levels of our company – including senior managers, directors and executive directors – our global employee population reflects an equal number of women and men. Among top leadership, our percentage of women continues to increase as well, and we are actively working to extend this upward trajectory.


Increase People of Color Representation in U.S.

While data protection rules do not allow People of Color demographics to be collected in all of our global regions, 你可用.S. data show People of Color represent 50 percent of U.S. 澳门正规博彩十大排行平台 员工, from individual contributors to senior managers. We are taking active steps to ensure more People of Color in the U.S. are represented at higher leadership levels, recruit more entry-level Black and LatinX talent, and provide biomedical education opportunities for underrepresented youth.


Maintain Full Pay Equity in U.S. and Increase to Fullest Extent Globally

We are an industry leader in pay equity, championing fair and equitable compensation for our 员工. Throughout our history, we have conducted consistent and comprehensive reviews of our employee pay practices. We are proud to maintain full equity in both base pay and total compensation for all U.S. 员工, and we utilize all available data to ensure equity in each global region to the fullest extent possible.